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Customer Story: Celebrating Courageous Women's Camper Trailer Solo Discovery Journeys


In a world full of unknowns and challenges, brave and independent women always bring us infinite surprises and touches. Today, we would like to celebrate a young female customer from New Zealand, who has interpreted what true bravery and independence are with her own actions. In April this year, this young woman ordered a 3.8 meter camper trailer to start her journey of discovery as she was about to graduate from university.

She is a curious and adventurous young person. On the eve of her graduation, she made an extraordinary decision: to buy a camper trailer and explore the wide world on her own. She said she wanted to see the uninhabited grasslands, explore the jungle-ridden natural world and enjoy the beauty of the snow-covered mountains. Her decision was warmly supported by her family and friends, who thought her idea was not only great, but also full of courage and wisdom.

Her camper trailer journey started in New Zealand and after careful planning, she embarked on this unique adventure. Her camper trailer became her mobile home, a little place that provided warmth and safety wherever and whenever she needed it. So far, she has traveled through three countries, each place bringing her different experiences and surprises. During her travels, she took many beautiful photos and shared her experiences with us.

On the grassland, She felt the vastness and silence of nature. Occasionally, herds of cows and sheep could be seen grazing leisurely on the vast grassland, and the mountains in the distance connected with the blue sky, forming a magnificent picture scroll. She camped on the grassland and looked at the sparkling Milky Way under the starry sky, as if the whole universe was in her arms.

She said that she chose to buy Oriental Shimao camper trailer because it has a toilet, and now it really saves her a lot of heartache when she is on the road, and she can take a shower anytime and anywhere to avoid becoming a savage!

She said that the feeling of exploring the unknown while traveling excited her a lot, and every day she encountered different things, met different people and saw different scenery. This ever-changing pace of life fills her with energy and anticipation. Of course, there were also many tricky things waiting for her to solve during the trip. Every time she encounters difficulties, she rises to the occasion, treating every experience as an opportunity for growth. Whenever she faces these challenges, she can always feel the warmth of home when lying on the bed of the camper trailer, and this sense of security supports her to keep moving forward.

We are proud of her bravery and independence and look forward to more exciting journeys in the future. Let's all celebrate this brave woman and wish her more beauty and miracles in her journey to explore the world. I believe that everyone who buys camper trailer has their own dreams and pursuits to explore the world of infinite possibilities despite the difficulties.

Oriental Shimao reminds you: when exploring the unknown, you should also ensure your own safety!

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