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7th anniversary celebration


Here is the link to our product video: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRKpAFKL/ 

Qingdao Oriental Shimao Group in the process of listing rapid growth. With sales in the hundreds of millions, The year 2023 marks the 7th anniversary of Oriental Shimao.

The company's mission is: to help 100,000 people realize their dream of starting a food business. As of today, we have helped 30,170 customers to realize their dream of starting a business. On the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the company, we have also received blessings from customers all over the world. Be grateful for the trust, and be grateful for the company along the way.

This is the video and pictures of our 7th anniversary celebration. Looking back at the 7 years we have traveled together, the video records the details of our growth together in Oriental Shimao and the road we have traveled together. Thank every partner for their support and trust!

Our product line is also constantly upgraded, from models, quality, service qualitative change. Main model upgrades: round trailer -square trailer -Citroen truck -VW truck -Airstream trailer -RV trailer . Every month the engineer team will develop new products and launch them. Each trailer is customized. Contact us for the latest quotations and discounts.

In the new year, we should continue to work hard, starting from a new starting line, and cultivate more fruitful fruits with our labor.

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