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Oriental shimao-square food trailer with pizza oven


This is Australia standard square food trailer.

First, let’s see the tow bar, the length is 1.2meters, with whole brake system, guide wheel, hook, double safety chains, tow ball with diameter 50mm, the tow bar bearing weight is 2000kg, with whole galvanized, Anti-corrosion, no rust. We also can put the aluminum plate on the tow bar to stand the gas tank box or generator box on it.

You can see the bottom of the trailer, we use frame steel chasis and torsion bar, which bearing weight is 1.2tons, our frame steel chasis use robot cutting, one piece, other supplier use welding chasis, low bearing weight and very easy broken, the tires, we use 165R13 white 5 hole tires, high speed tires, with DOT and E-mark, other supplier only use normal tires.

About the inside floor, we use non-slip aluminum floor, diamond pattern, more beautiful, at the both side, it is 304 stainless steel workbench with sliding doors, very easy to clean, our stainless steel is double layers, other supplier only use one layer, around the inside trailer, we use aluminum profile to prevent the rain leakage, you can see the water sinks, it is also Australia standard, 2+1 water sinks, Australia customer also choose water heater under the water sinks, about the range hood, it is also Australia standard, for the equipments, you can choose according to your business, we can customized for you about the inside position.

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