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              3 Wheel Food Truck
              • 3 Wheel Food Truck3 Wheel Food Truck
              • 3 Wheel Food Truck3 Wheel Food Truck
              • 3 Wheel Food Truck3 Wheel Food Truck
              • 3 Wheel Food Truck3 Wheel Food Truck
              • 3 Wheel Food Truck3 Wheel Food Truck
              • 3 Wheel Food Truck3 Wheel Food Truck
              • 3 Wheel Food Truck3 Wheel Food Truck

              3 Wheel Food Truck

              Outdoor Coffee Ice Cream 3 Wheel Food Truck Electric Mobile Food Cart for Sale, All goods have received quality assurance and CE/DOT certification. Custom services, products, sizes, colors, stickers, and more are all available. Here, you may locate whatever trailer you want. We provide a one-stop intelligent food trailer solution; please submit us your top suggestions. Merchandise Description Encourage customisation This bike food cart may be widely customized; you can sell tacos, fried chicken, hamburgers, Barbeque, ice cream, and more. Customizing logos Sure, you may make stickers or posters.

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              Product Description

              Cheap Sales 3 Wheel Food Truck is a suitable for coffee tea;juice;hamburgers;fresh salads;pancakes and fast food etc.

              The 3 Wheel Food Truck has the following features:

              1. We can design different style and size food truck with OEM service.

              2.Cheap Sales 3 Wheel Food Truck easy to move.

              3. The material is pretty strong, no rust, can be used for long time.

              4. Customized part/equipment acceptable.

              The parameter specifications of Cheap Sales 3 Wheel Food Truck are as follows


              3 Wheel Food Truck 


              Metal plate

              Workbench material

              Stainless steel





              Water system

              Hot and cold water with heater,clean water and waster water

              Light system

              Turn light,brake light, driving light

              Brake system

              Hand brake and mechanical brake


              Galvanized steel chassis, Beyond 2 ton weight,more stronger

              Customization service

              Dimensions;Color;LED LOGO;sticker;inside equipment etc.

              Product Material Introduction

              Cheap Sales 3 Wheel Food Truck.External support for LOGO customization. The workbench is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. Unique electrophoresis process prevents rust and prolongs trailer life. The internal cabinets are made of 304 stainless steel, which meets food safety standards and is rust-proof.

              Product Customization

              Cheap Sales 3 Wheel Food Truck support multiple customization schemes, and LOGO customization,equipment customization, size customization, color customization .

              We provide free internal sketch/3D drawings, 1 year warranty, equipment purchase, equipment Warranty, permanent service.

              Internal equipment of the product

              Cheap Sales 3 Wheel Food Truck:Donut Maker, Electric Toaster, Hot Dog Grill, Gas Grill, Waffle Iron, Chocolate Oven, Electric Juice Maker, Electric Water Heater, Popcorn Maker, Milkshake Maker more can all be customized to suit your needs.

              Certifications We Can Offer

              VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): Unique and Irreplaceable, for the purpose of vehicle registration.

              EEC (European Whole Vehicle Type Approval): All parts are CE approved, essential and mandatory for registration comes with COC.

              CE (Conformity with European): Basic Certificate for entering European Community Market, which ensures the product meets the main requirements of the relevant European directives.

              DOT(U.S.DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION):Issued from NHTSA,USA department, all model approved.

              One stop solution

              We cooperate with high-quality equipment suppliers with export qualifications to provide customers with one-stop solutions.

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