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Customers visit the factory in December, welcome to our factory


With the growing love of food and street culture around the world, our food trailer has also become a beautiful landscape on the market. In early December, we received some customers to further understand our food truck production line and services.

During this visit, customers were first attracted by advanced production equipment and fine production processes. Detailed communicating the various aspects of the production process, and at the same time, customers also gave high evaluations of superb craftsmanship and strict quality control.

In addition, customers appreciate our product's creativity. During the visit, we asked customers to see a variety of designs, from traditional to the latest popularity, from practical to decorative, as well as different foods, types, and types. Diverse, this innovation makes customers believe that our products can meet the diverse needs of the global market.

He is also very satisfied with our services. Before placing the order, the sales manager will introduce the product details, customize details, help customers choose equipment, and so on. After ordering, we will give customers the VIP service group. After -sales service will update each production link, help customers urge production, find cargo transportation, and serve customers 24 hours. He believes that our professional team can provide them with all -round support, including the design, production, transportation and after -sales service of food trailer. This comprehensive service makes them feel at ease, and also allows customers to see the strength and leading of Chinese manufacturing. Manufacturer's determination and ability.

Oriental Shimao knows the importance of product quality and service quality. We believe that only through continuous innovation and efforts, can we meet the needs of global customers and realize our vision-to become a global leader in food trailers and create happy enterprises.

Thank you all the customers who visit our factory and thank us for our support and trust. We will, as always, provide high -quality products and services to meet the needs of the global market.