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"Better" - the 2023 Oriental Shimao Annual Meeting was successfully held


2023 has already left us, and 2024 is slowly coming towards us. On this special day, Oriental Shimao held its annual New Year meeting with the theme of "Better" on the first floor of Media Hotel. This annual meeting will be attended by various factories, departments, and mysterious special guests. Here we celebrate the glory of 2023 together and look forward to 2024.

At the annual meeting, Mr. Wang Naidun, the company's general manager, delivered a speech, reviewing that in 2023, the company continued to expand its market share in the food trailer, golf cart, and classic car industries and enhanced the company's brand image. At the same time, we will develop a clearer and feasible plan for the work in 2024. At the end, the company mascot-"Maomao" was announced.

This annual meeting provides employees with an opportunity to showcase themselves or their teams, with funny sketches, beautiful music, beautiful dances, and exciting draws. The annual meeting ended successfully in an exciting and joyful atmosphere.

2024 is a new starting point. Oriental Shimao will always aim to become the leader in the global mobile food trailer industry, continue to provide high-end customized food trailers and first-class quality services, pay attention to customer experience, and look forward to a better year for Oriental Shimao in 2024!