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How much do you know about food trailers?


In regions such as Europe and the United States, we can see various food trailers parked on the roadside. They are generally used to sell food. In addition to food trailers, there are also mobile cafes, mobile beauty vans, mobile pet shops, etc. They are loved by people because of their very low cost, so many people who start businesses turn their attention to food trailers. Do you know about food trailers?

We can first divide the food trailers according to the product types: generally divided into small size, medium size and large size. Small-sized food trailers are limited by space, so the types of food sold are limited, but trailers are cheaper and are generally 9.84-13.12 feet long. The size of the medium-sized food trailer will be larger, generally between 16.4-19.68 feet, and the size of the large-sized food trailer is more than 19.65 feet. The medium-sized and large-sized food trailers are more spacious, can place more food equipment, and can accommodate more food. Many people are cooking at the same time. Some large food trailers can even place dining tables and chairs inside the dining cart.

In addition to size, food trailers are also made of different materials. They generally use composite panels, 304 stainless steel or aluminum. You can choose the material you want according to actual needs. We provide customization services for the entire cart.

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