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Common Types of Food Trailers


At present, many people who want to buy a food trailer are troubled when choosing a food trailer, because there are many types of food trailers on the market, so this article mainly summarizes several common types of food trailers currently on the market. I hope this The side article can help everyone.

The first is the square food trailer, which is currently one of the best-selling models. It is the first choice for many people who first buy a food trailer because its cost is lower, and because the shape of the square truck is a flat design, the production cycle is shorter. , allowing users to receive their vehicles faster. And the volume seen from the outside of a square food trailer is basically the space that can be used inside. Because there is no curved surface, the internal space utilization rate will be higher. And some users like to make stickers on their cars. It will be better and more beautiful to make stickers on a flat surface.

The second is the Airstream Food Trailer. This trailer adopts a streamlined design. The body is generally made of 304 stainless steel, and the roof adopts a curved design, which is more visually beautiful. In addition to 304 stainless steel, we can also make aluminum or iron materials. In terms of color, food trailers made of stainless steel and aluminum are generally only available in silver and gold, but food trailers made of iron can be made in more colors. We customize them according to the ral color card.

Then there is the electric food trailer. In addition to the trailer version, this food truck also has a power version. The color is also customized according to the ral color card. The power model also has an extra cab, making it more convenient to drive. As long as it is fully charged, you can go to more places, and the shape of this food trailer is also very popular among European users.

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