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New year's food trailer orders from old customers


Yesterday, a loyal customer from the united states has placed another order .The red square food truck, black square pizza trailer and stainless steel breeze food trailer were shipped from our factory. Each vehicle is a different size and different products are packaged differently for product safety.Thank you for the trust of our old customers, and we also welcome new customers to choose us.

This month, a lot of good things happened, and due to the continuous expansion of the company, we moved it to a wider office building.We have some good news to inform you.I'm glad to tell you something big.This month, you will enjoy discounts when you buy products in our company,if you want to know more discount information, please consult us quickly. We also launched new products this month, each of which can be customized, there is always one that suits you.You can pick your favorite products from the website, send an inquiry, tell our sales manager your requirements, our sales manager will be very enthusiastic to receive you!

Buy high-end food trailer, choose Qingdao ORIENTAL SHIMAO .

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